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Essaouira or the pearl of the Atlantic, also called Mogadore is a port city on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. 112 miles (180 km) west of Marrakesh, also easily accessible from nearby coastal cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, and Agadir. As an example of a late 18th-century fortified town, it is included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The city of Essaouira was founded in 1760 by the Moroccan ‘Alawid sultan Mohammed bin Abdallah, who made an original experiment by entrusting it to several renowned architects, specifically Théodore Cornut and Ahmed al-Inglizi. These two architects planned the city with the assistance of French prisoners taken during the abortive French expedition to Larache in 1765. Their goal was to build a city that met the needs of foreign merchants.

The Medina’s fortification and fishing harbor have made it a popular tourist destination. Essaouira is a popular day excursion from Marrakech because of its hippie and artsy vibe, and pleasant climate throughout the year.

Let us explore what makes Essaouira fascinated by travelers from different countries.


  •  Visit cooperative of Berber women producing Argan oil.

  • Take photos with goats climbing Argan trees.

  •  Admire the beauty of Essaouira old town

  • Visit Skala Kasbah, which was a citadel in the times of war

  •  Enjoy a long walk around the beach of Essaouira

  •  Visit the port, the old medina and the market



    The full-day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira starts when our driver picks you up from your Riad in Marrakech and drives you to Mogadore. We make first stop for a cup of coffee after you reach the village of Chichaoua, which is located exactly halfway along the route and then continue on with your journey. As we get closer to Essaouira, you will go through a forest full of argan trees and might see some goats climbing up the branches of the trees. We will have a stop to take some pictures. On our way, we will pause at a women's cooperative to watch some of the local ladies make Argan oil in a live demonstration. Once we arrive at Essaouira, you will have free time to explore the beautiful city at leisure. First, you get the opportunity to explore the harbor, which is home to an old fishing port as well as defenses built by the Portuguese. There are still cannons that date back to the Middle Ages that are lined up in order and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Then, walk through the medina (the old city), a well-preserved fortification dating back to the 18th century. The major landmark of the Medina is La Scala, which was built to stave off foreign invasions from the sea. And continue to Bab Laalouj (one of Essaouira's main gates) leads to the Mellah (the old Jewish district). Inside the medina, you will find many art and souvenir shops, and Thuya wood craft shops also galleries are aligned in order. If you like beaches, you may take a walk or ride a camel along Mogador's sandy beach. After a full day of visiting this gorgeous Moroccan Atlantic pearl in an amusing and adventurous atmosphere, with a lot of memories and experiences that will stick with you for the rest of your life, we will drive back to Marrakech and drop you off at your accommodation.

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 Marrakech Day Tours are the greatest and most popular Morocco day trips, from the green city of Morocco to the most interesting around destinations. These day tours, which begin in the morning and continue into the evening, will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its congested streets and lanes for around nine hours.

Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira

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Important: if our Day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira “Mogadore” we offer doesn’t suit your preferences, it is flexible to be customized to your requirements or need any further information don’t hesitate to contact Odyssey Morocco Travel expert Morocco team.

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